Pixlr Market
Get more $$$ from your creations on Pixlr Market
At Pixlr Market, we do not put a price tag on your amazing work. Instead, we let the downloads determine it for you via the Subscriber Share Structure - which is actually better!
Your designs could earn you so much more than what you have in mind!
Since Pixlr Market is a subscription-based design marketplace, members pay a monthly fee to download unlimited design assets. Here’s where the Subscriber Share Structure comes in for you.
What are Asset Points?
Asset points are points allocated according to the type of work you upload on Pixlr Market, and are used to calculate your earnings as a Pixlr Creator in our subscription-based marketplace.
Who are the Subscribers?
Anyone and everyone from digital marketers, small and medium business owners, social media specialists and graphic designers who need to create content on-the-go will benefit from the unlimited downloads on Pixlr Market.
I want to be a Pixlr Creator! What do I do?
I want to be a Pixlr Creator!
What do I do?
Great! Please leave your email address with us so that we can get in touch with you. Registration is free. ;)
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License agreement
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